West Coast Writers is pleased to announce our upcoming Spring Urban Retreat.  A day long intensive with the critically acclaimed poet and author, Betsy Warland. 


Navigating contradictions, the unknown or the forbidden in a group of poems or a lyric prose narrative. 


When our subject inherently has contradictions, unknown or forbidden aspects, how do we write into it, or around but gesture at it. How do we stay on it's erratic or conflicting scent; resist smoothing it out thus leaving the reader out of the visceral quest. 


Through examples of writing that have accomplished this, exploring techniques that enable you, and applying them to 5-10 pages of your own writing, your courage and craft will get a boost. 

This urban retreat is an intensive and exploratory space where you can unearth greater comprehension of your previous work and keen your senses to the direction of your future craft.


To prepare and focus you, you will receive a pre-workshop short text to read and a guided writing exercise to do and bring to the workshop. Let this course be the catalyst which guides you to a new level of comprehension and companionship with your work. 


We look forward to exploring with you. 


March 24th, 10am - 4pm
Dharma Lab 

1814 Pandora St.
Vancouver, BC
Investment: $110.00 


Betsy Warland has published 12 books of poetry, creative nonfiction and lyric prose including her best-selling 2010 book of personal essays, Breathing the Page— Reading the Act of Writing. In April of 2016, Oscar of Between—A Memoir of Identity and Ideas was launched by Caitlin Press’ new imprint, Dagger Editions. Reviews have called it “an achievement,” “truly luminous,” and a “tour de force.” 

In 2013, Warland created a new publishing template called Oscar’s Salon. An interactive salon that features excerpts from her manuscript Oscar of Between, Guest Writers and Artist’s work, the salon also includes a Featured Reader each month as well as readers’ comments betsywarland.com. Warland co-founded with Myrna Kostash the Creative Writers Nonfiction Collective in 2004 that holds an annual conference for writers creativenonfictioncollective.ca. She also founded and is a mentor in the one-on-one six-month international Vancouver Manuscript Intensive program vancouvermanuscriptintensive.com. Warland received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Literary in Vancouver in 2016. In 2017, she will be the Lyric Prose and Poetry Mentor for The Writer’s Studio at S.F.U. A professional manuscript consultant/editor for the past 30 years, Warland works with writers from across Canada and abroad. 




A Bit About Betsy


Zoë Dagneault

Writing Consultant/Coach

Vancouver, B.C.





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